Pauperism — A Short Discourse

It was Bernard Mandeville in the early 18th century who said, “For a Society to be prosperous, a larger population must be kept poor and Ignorant”. He advocated Pauperism.

Pauperism is undoubtfully proven effective. It has upheld this status quo by its fundamental pillars ignorance and poverty. The vicious circle of pauperism is created by poverty, but kept by ignorance.

If pauperism is introduced into a society, it will divide the population into the ‘The Few Elite’ and many Crowd. The Initiators of Pauperism become the Elite and the Effectors would be the Crowd. The crowd always crave to be Led, they want a ruler, so they look towards the illuminated and rich Elites. The Elites believe that the crowd does not know what is best for them, weather financially, physically, sociologically, etc. ( I myself, wonder if this is true). So, they really intend to be rule and govern.

The concept of Pauperism didn't just find vast expression in the early 18th century alone. Its way of operation has always been ‘Divide & Conquer’. 1% controls 95% of population; having 4% serve as both Spokesmen-of-the-Crowds and The-admirers-of-the-Elites (This is the Ideal Pauperized Society; though, there could be mild variations).

It could be a very absurd thing to imagine how 1% could literarily control 99% of population. This can be best understood by an illustration whereby, ‘a gunman’ controls 10 people in a room. And as far as i know, Information is more potent than any arm.

I am personally convinced that Pauperism has adulterated all societal systems. I strongly believe that any government without a sense of Pauperism, no matter how small will crash. I don't say this to advocate Pauperism, but i am being veracious in my approach to this concept.

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